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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July: Sapphire Blue

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 01
Did everybody have a good weekend?  Did anybody (American, that is) have a more unusual holiday than is typical?  Did anybody not have some kind of barbecue?  Over here on this side of Pond, we had our typical international fete, and we continued our anniversary celebration one last time with one last group of friends, with exactly a one month delay.  I thought I'd share a pictorial of the event.

This is the invitation that we sent out, setting the theme of this year's event.  It simply says that we will be including our anniversary celebration with the Fourth of July annual barbecue.  The French gem list is different from the American one, so we also explained why everything would be in blue.


Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 02
The rest of the family?
This year we held our party on our terrace, which gives a nice open view of the valley below us and our mountains.  We have an awning over the settee I just cleaned, although the wind keeps destroying any cover we put on it.

We also have a large tent that just barely fits on the rest of the terrace, covering the spa.  The spa makes a great serving table.  I think the setting turned out rather festive.  We got these statues years ago, they have always represented my three missing kids.  They usually sit in the garden, but this arrangement is rather striking, don't you think?

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 03
Getting off to a good start
All of my decorations have been brought back little by little from the US whenever we were back for a correct seasonal visit.  On one of our last visits, we picked up this cool retro drink dispenser.  We don't tend to bring back easy stuff!

We started off with a fruit punch and sangria, and guests brought various appetizers including popcorn, veggies/dip, and chicken wings/hot sauce.  The American menu is becoming quite universal.  Too bad you can't tell when they are full that most of the serving dishes are themed, too.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 04
We like to grill . . .
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 05
. . . and we like beer and talk
The American host and a French guest took over the grilling chores (ribs, chicken, lamb chops, sausages), while two recent ex-pats chat in American and Canadian English over a couple of beers.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 06
All ages welcome
Not only do we entertain a variety of nationalities, we also end up with a wide spectrum age group.  Here we have a Brit/French teenager, a Slovakian intern young adult, and a more mature Frenchwoman.

The intern, one of my sewing protegées, commented in amazement at being from Slovakia at an American barbecue in France and partying with Brits and Canadians.  Ah, yes, her life will never be the same again.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 07
It's all about the food

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 08
We love Fourth of July barbecues
While some people can handle large crowds in their enormous backyards, we did fairly well accommodating about 20 people on our little terrace, mostly being able to avoid the hot afternoon sun that peeks blasts under the awnings.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 09
It's party time!
After a great meal and a little posing, the hostess with the mostess announced the dessert segment, which kicked off the second theme of the afternoon.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 10
Who wants dessert?

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 11
A final sapphire blue celebration
Continuing the sapphire blue anniversary theme, we set a blue table in front of blue shutters with a miniature tiered blue cake, which made a striking presentation.

We did some more posing in our blue anniversary outfits, then I made another wedding dress presentation (because I could) as this was a different crowd than before, and we posed some more in a mini cake cutting moment.  But isn't that what life is all about, making fun memories to reflect upon later?

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 12
All in blue
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 15
Just like the first time
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 13
After 45 years!

As we all ate cake (and watermelon, and ice cream, and cherry clafuti), the women
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 16
The girls like photos
looked over our old wedding and anniversary photos from a time before any of them knew us, while the
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 17
The guys like hearty discussion
men all stood around chatting as much as (or more than) any of  the women.

Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 18
A bubbly end to a great afternoon
Fourth of July -  Sapphire Blue 19
Even Bambi joined the party!

To finish off the fun, he poured the bubbly and she served the guests, ending another thoroughly successful American national holiday in France.


  1. Bravo Barb... looks like another successful party =) I like the shade covering, great idea.

  2. What a delightful party. Everyone looks like they're having a splendid time and you look smashing! All your 4th of July things look so nice. As always, you are a tremendous hostess!

  3. The usual Barbara party. You never cease to amaze.

  4. A wonderful setting for a very nice July 4th party. I liked you blue dress and Craig's blue shirt. It appears that you have some really nice friends.


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