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Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the farm

At the farm 01

Besides living next to a major airport, Diggle & Family also live within walking distance of a little educational farm.  Our visit made a good opportunity for everybody to take him for his first rural exploration.  It undoubtedly won't be his last.

(The Millers Park Farm )


After years of a professional career, this new mother felt a lot of pleasure in introducing her young son to a more pastoral aspect of life during a weekend break.  As Maman and Mamie tried to guide Diggle towards the animals, he spied a huge Connect Four game that caught his attention.  So we paused a few minutes to check it out.

At the farm 02
Let's go that direction!
At the farm 03
Oh, what's that big yellow thing?

At the farm 04
This looks really interesting

Who would have thought such a game would be so fascinating for such a little person?  He absolutely loved it.  Some older kids figured out how to empty it, so Diggle ended up having a lot of disks to attempt to insert all by himself. 

As he obviously couldn't reach the top and didn't really know what to do anyway, Mamie picked him up and showed him how it was supposed to work.  It only took a few tries before he managed to figure it out, and then he was able to drop them into the slots most of the time after that.

Grandpa ended up taking his turn being stilts, as Diggle didn't want to stop!

At the farm 05
Look, Mom, Mamie is helping me learn.
At the farm 06
I don't need Grandpa's help, I can do it myself!

Although the game was lots of fun, so were all the animals.  Unfortunately, most of my pictures with them only got the back of his head, and this post is about him, not a bunch of random beasts, cute as they may have been.

At the farm 07
I'm almost as big as the horsies.
At the farm 08
I'm bigger than this goat.

At the farm 09
Holding onto Grandpa
At the farm 10
Picking the grass with Grandpa

Later, we had a lot of fun exploring the garden section with Grandpa.  As Diggle can't quite get back up by himself yet, he found his grandpa's leg a great pulling up tool.

After sharing so many fun things with his grandma and grandpa, it was time to return to the family he knew.  On his own steam, of course.

At the farm 11
Goodbye, Grandpa.  Hello, Daddy.

At the farm 12
I love riding Daddy's neck!
At the farm 13
Walking with Daddy in the park.


After being parents to this son of ours all these years, it was awesome to watch him be a parent to his own son.  I'm sure it will continue to be awesome as the years pass.


As he isn't a single parent, it was also intriguing to observe the whole family unit.  They bring back so many memories of when we were at that stage of life ourselves, and now the baton has been passed on to the next generation.

At the farm 14
Learning with Maman and Daddy
At the farm 15
The young family unit

At the farm 16
Bye-bye, Everybody



May God bless them as they continue to learn the lessons of parenting and discover the joys of watching their own child grow and develop as the years go by.  They have gotten off to a great start with this first little one, and we are so proud to call them our family.

So until the next time, which is scheduled chez nous this next Thanksgiving, we leave this young family behind to continue in their own world of creating their own personal memories.


  1. I love these pictures and I am so glad that you got to do this and actually spend time with this adorable little boy. This is such good news.

    I think he looks like Diana in that last picture...Bye-bye Everybody...

  2. Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. I bet you can't wait until Thanksgiving!


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