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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CCC - Another Tee!

Two down now, another two to go in the continuing saga of the Calvary Chapel Couturières and the four budding seamstresses who were able to trace out their T-shirt patterns.  While Lindsey has her own sewing machine, it's not properly in shape to handle her fabric, and she was getting rather discouraged.  As I'm going on a little vacation, then she's going back home for a month right after that, she came up to my house so she could get it finished in time to show her mom!

What a fun place to work!


Since I built my new sewing corner last year, I now have a really nice place available for a beginner to continue learning.  Lindsey was only too happy to take advantage!



Sewing a sleeve like a pro


Not only does a T-shirt involve learning how to stitch two pieces of fabric together, it also involves attaching a smaller neckband to the larger neck edge, lining up sleeve seams with opposite curves, overcasting the seams, and in this case, hemming with a double needle.  These are actually quite a few techniques that will serve well in creating many other garments other than a T-shirt in the future.


Hard at work mastering a new skill

Look!  I actually finished it!
Lindsey has sewn little goody bags as gifts in the past, but she's never made a real garment before.  And while her choice of fabric didn't have the stripes to match up together that Janka's did, she did have a border print to try to mirror on the front and back, which was also an adequate challenge to master.

And finally, the last stitch was taken, a new T-shirt was born, and another newbie seamstress surprised herself at creating a perfectly wearable article of clothing.  When I saw her surprise after trying to encourage her that she was doing the last step, I was sorry I hadn't waited for her to actually finish and and not be aware that she was done! 

So it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I present my latest student with her perfectly constructed new T-shirt to take home and show off.  Being fairly stretchy fabric, it will allow her to also show off her ever expanding baby bump at the same time!

Showing off how well the border print mirrors itself

Two versions of the same pattern




Lindsey was just as pleased to pose with her teacher as Janka was, with both of us wearing our class project T-shirts.  As the teacher involved, having never tried teaching anybody before, especially total beginners, it is just as rewarding for me to pose with my students showing off their success.




We still have two more tees to go.  What is exciting is that one of those students has actually purchased her very own first personal new sewing machine, which I think shows great expectations, and it will be interesting to see where she goes with it.  Stay tuned!

Addendum:  I should have pointed out that Lindsey had to learn an important lesson on print placement before cutting out her fabric.  Not only was it a very large print that needed to flow and not look chopped off, there were distinctive forms that could have looked disastrous on the body if improperly placed.  Lindsey listened well and made the placement decision herself.


  1. Lindsey that is one perfect t-shirt the pattern matching for the border print is inspiring. Alpine Queen do deserve to be proud of your students work as they are learning so much from you.

    1. I added a note about the thought behind fabric placement, as the resulting effect did not happen by accident.

  2. That is a great job!! You are, obviously, a really good teacher!

  3. Sharon and Patti, I agree, she is a great teacher, and she MADE me do ALL the sewing =) She cracks a tough whip (especially when it comes to seams), but I'm so thankful for the incredible wealth of knowledge I get to draw from. Thanks Barb. I love my new shirt. I'd like to make a dress or skirt with the extra fabric (wink, wink, hint, hint). Bonnes vacances !!!

    1. No problemo! Look for a pattern while you're back home, or you can look through my stash when you get back. A skirt would turn your tee into a dress while being able to create a whole new look with a different top.

  4. Cute, cute fabric. And the end product came out wonderfully.


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