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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sewing with cats award

Sewing With Cats 01I am a cat person.  It's genetic.  My grandma was a cat person, I grew up with cats, Doc Leo is a cat person, so it's only natural that our children are also cat people.  I am also a seamstress.  I've been sewing my whole life.  Which means I've been sewing with cats. 

Thus, it was very exciting to be given a new badge that I have truly earned over the years!

Cindy, from Cation Designs, has discovered the joys of sewing with cats, which inspired her to create a blog badge for others who sew with cats.  I submitted a few of my contestants for eligibility, and she graciously bestowed on me the right to her badge.

Sewing With Cats 02
Sabrina ready for sewing lessons

We currently have three cats.  Each of them has their own way of helping me sew.  Or not.  I have not done much sewing since this current crop has graced our home.  I barely got my sewing machine set up in my new sewing corner when Sabrina decided it was a cozy place for herself. 

She also loves to hibernate in my fabric cabinet, which so far has no doors, meaning I find my fabric all over the floor in the winter instead of nicely stacked on shelves.

Sewing With Cats 03
Sam hatching the cutting board
Sewing With Cats 04
Samantha thinks she's a sewing tool
Samantha has found my cutting board equally cozy.  Such a shame that I took a sewing sabbatical for so many years, depriving these felines of so many helpful moments.

Unlike Cindy, who is young and just getting started with kitty help so tends to have her camera at hand, I don't think about pictures any more.  I am more concerned about all the cat hair all over dark fabrics, having my pattern pieces hard pressed with creases I don't really want, shooing away playfulness after I've so diligently laid out my pattern on my fabric, or even straightened out difficult fabric just to get to do it again, etc.  Taking pictures has not been a priority thought.  Perhaps I need to correct that, as once the damage is done, the vision creates interesting memories. 

Sewing With Cats 05
Descended from royalty

But the queenly Romea has been captured in plenty of other interesting conditions, which are valid indications of what she's capable of with all my sewing moments. 

It doesn't matter what it is, if there is something that can make her body more comfortable, she will find it, whether it was meant for her comfort or not. 

Actually, if it's designed for cats, she will most likely disdain it.

Sewing With Cats 07
Put your computer somewhere else!
Sewing With Cats 08
I'm too big? I'm always big!
While I don't have any sewing pictures with her (that's not to say there hasn't been a ton of missed opportunity), I have her in several other compromising positions, which give perfect indications of what's she capable of.  I'm not really sure why she felt the woodstove kindling box was either her size or very comfortable, but she did.

While these pictures have nothing to do with sewing, I couldn't resist showing you what she thought of our new baby, a species she's not had much experience with.  Miss Curiosity had absolutely no problem accepting this newcomer to the family.  (Btw, Cindy has just produced her own first offspring, so she'll soon be discovering the joys of sewing with infants, too.  Perhaps she'll create a new badge for that obstruction delight.)

Sewing With Cats 09
What is this strange creature?
Sewing With Cats 10
Okay, he's cool, Diggle can pull my fur.

Sewing With Cats 11
Doc Leo makes a perfect bed
While all of our felines are both indoor/outdoor beasts (screens are rare in Europe, so that's an inevitability anyway), Sabrina tends to be more comfortable outside most of the year.  That doesn't faze the other two, who will nap wherever they feel like it. 

But now it's time to get back into more sewing so I can see how they will continue to allow me to merit this fun and appropriate badge.


  1. This is so cute Barb - well done and well deserved. =)

  2. My cats have starting fussing at me if they want to sit on my lap (or arm, or shoulder, or legs) and I have the audacity to be standing up, moving around, and doing things instead of sitting or lying down. Seriously??

  3. I can definitely relate to this!

  4. This is so cute! Enjoyed it!

  5. I missed this post when it was first up. Sorry. Oh yes, the joys of sewing with cats.


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