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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sapphire Blue: The Dinner

While we celebrated a special year anniversary this year, we didn't throw ourselves a big party.  Instead, we invited a group of young marrieds, all under five years, to celebrate with us, possibly inspiring them for their own marriage futures.

In the garden

Off the grill

It was a beautiful day (although the weekend kicked off a sticky heatwave), so we started out in the garden.  We grilled some marinated herbed zucchini slices with parmesan melted on top and radishes for the healthy aspect, chips and nuts for the fun aspect, kirs and mango punch to wash it down.

As it was cooler in the house, we moved to inside for the meal. 
A pretty in blue table
Of course, I set a blue table for a blue event.  It was fun setting out some blue glasses that were our own wedding presents that I'd put away for years (because we didn't actually need them at the time) so they wouldn't get broken; they were too pretty to lose.  I've finally unpacked them, now that they are way older than vintage and totally out of style.  However, with the current vintage craze, perhaps they are now completely back in style!  I even had napkins to match my dress. 

We started off the meal with a beet/goat cheese terrine (Doc Leo's favorite) on a bed of lettuce and arugula (from our garden) as a nice light salad before the heavier meal of coq au vin with steamed potatoes.  As we are in France, we continued with the traditional cheese course.

Dining chez nous

As it had cooled down by the time the meal was finished, we moved back out to the garden for dessert.  I decorated a white chocolate (another Doc favorite) cake for the occasion and set out our wedding and 25th anniversary albums to prove to the young that we were once young, too!

The sapphire 45th anniversary

An original owner vintage dress

Then I made a surprise entrance, in my original wedding gown.  For 30 years, we took annual anniversary pictures with me in my dress, including with unborn offspring.  Then I experienced health problems that made the dress not fit anymore, and I refused to pretend I could zip it up.  But I've managed to get past most of that now, and I can again squeeze back into it, so ta da!  The dress is older than all my guests, who were amazed it was still functional.

Toasting the occasion

We toasted the day with a gift set of pretty champagne glasses.  We were just going to drink it, but the newest marrieds requested we do the intertwined thing (I'd made them do it for their wedding, as they hadn't known the tradition), so we obliged.

To properly memorialize the day, we took a group picture.

Four young marrieds and the old couple

Already substituting

Unfortunately, Lindsey is learning the lesson I had years to perfect of going to special events by herself while her other half was out of town, so she found a substitute for the group photo.

All in all, it was a really fun day, sharing our ancient life together with these young couples just beginning theirs, and I think everybody had a good time despite the unexpected heat.


  1. What fun! And everything looks great - especially your wedding dress!!!! <3

  2. What a wonderful get together! You look sensational in your wedding gown. I am sure you looked wonderful then and still so today! Thank you for sharing.

  3. It looks like a really fun party. How close was your gown to what the French women wear?

  4. I love your blue glasses! I think they are cute! And your dress looks fabulous on you!!


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