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Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, A Love Story

Once upon a time, two teenagers left home and went off to school.  He was a freshman in college, she was a sophomore in high school on the college campus.  For a job, he was a trainee on the school stage crew with a junior who was needing a replacement.  She developed a great attachment for her college roommate, also a junior.

Summer 1966
Spring 1965

Christmas 1967

As the school year progressed, the two juniors fell in love.  The girl often tagged along with her roommate when she tried to catch her boyfriend after work, and the boy took note of  the girl.  Left on their own the following school year as the two juniors got married over the summer, circumstances brought the boy and the girl together again, and a fun friendship developed.

May 1968
But eventually, the friendship turned into romance, and a date was set for wedding bells.  It needed to be in early June so the boy could start his summer job, and it needed to be on a Friday as that was the girl's favorite day of the week (and still is).  And that's how they ended up having a wedding anniversary date the same day as the world, especially their adopted country, celebrates an important date in history.  As the boy wasn't interested in history, and as the girl daydreamed about the boy in her history classes, neither was aware of the significance of the date at the time.

June 6, 1969

Three kids and 25 years later, the boy and the girl, now parents and no longer teenagers, found themselves celebrating their silver anniversary in their new life in France.  And then they realized that as they'd gotten married on the 25th anniversary of D-Day, all of France was celebrating 50 years of the beginning of Allied liberation from foreign occupation the same day.  Of course, the whole country continues to celebrate their famous historical date as the now grandparents also celebrate what has become their own historical date.

June 6, 1994

As this is a true story and not a fairy tale, it doesn't end with that they lived happily ever after.  But only because the end of the story has not yet been told.

June 2014

Happy 45th anniversary to Alpine Queen & Doc Leo!


  1. Very very cute Barb ! I like how you wrote the story and incorporated the pictures.

  2. Oh oui très beau Barbara, merci de nous le partager :-*)!

  3. Nicely done. Happy anniversary.

  4. Of course I knew you met at school, but I don't think I've ever heard (or at least remembered) the details. Congrats on the anniversary. Sapphire blue, even!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I'm not sure I knew the date, or I'd forgotten! You look great - both of you!

  6. Very nice! It's rare to find a couple that has stayed together through thick and thin and still show true love and affection. Congrats!

  7. Happy belated anniversary!! You guys look great!!

  8. Wonderful blog - a lot of fun to read! How great to live in France!!!!


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