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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sapphire Blue: The Cowboys

Not ones to let a good party opportunity go to waste, we were able to continue our 45th anniversary weekend through Monday, when we had a stage rehearsal for our country dance end-of-the-year show.  Since we had to dress in something decent for public viewing anyway, we wore our anniversary duds one more time.  The whole effect was interestingly changed by wearing our brand new cowboy hats, but it was too hot to wear the boots we don't have yet anyway.

Sapphire Cowgirl and Cowboy
This is the first time we were on stage for this show, and there was so much more room than we have in our little classroom.  Normally the end people are running into the walls during walking steps, of which there are quite a few.

Swing that foot around

You don't have to be fond of country music to get a lot of benefit from line dancing.  It's been one of Doc Leo's favorite styles of music since before me, one of the first things I had to learn to get used to in the process of sharing our lives!  While it seems like the music itself didn't cross the ocean to France (but it's really popular in at least England and Germany), line dancing has become quite the rage in this country; there are country line dance clubs all over.

We discovered right away that one benefit involves balance, something the Doc can definitely use exercising ever since his big malady, but I've found the practice beneficial, too.  There is a lot of movement on just one foot.  Another benefit is memorization of the steps, something everybody can profit from practicing.  

Turn your back on your audience

And now, the end is here

Outside of physical benefits, joining this club has provided us with an activity we can both do together and a chance to get away from the house on a regular basis.  It's also become a great social outlet, as our class (and the other classes we get together with on occasion) is just full of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Boire un coup

Here we are sharing some bubbly with our instructor and her partner in celebration of our big anniversary weekend.  Even though the rehearsal was in the evening, it was just so hot and sticky, so everybody looks a bit wilted!

Trying to find a cool breeze outside

While sharing together fun stuff to eat and drink after the rehearsal had nothing to do with our anniversary (and isn't something that happens very often), it definitely was a nice way to end our wonderful celebratory weekend.

And now, our special occasion is over, life moves on to other things, such as a farewell garden party for a friend this weekend and our big dance show the week after.  June is definitely being a very busy month!


  1. I love your blog - so glad you started it!

  2. Merci Barbara, ton blog est génial,, c'est cool que vous fassiez de la country j'aime beaucoup ;-*) :)! Big kiss !

  3. So what's with all the stars and stripes bandanas? France has the same colors, but those are most definitely American-looking items.

  4. Country music is American. The line dance French look more American than we do. We're all supposed to get those bandanas. I got myself some cheesy American jewelry, I'll be right in step.

  5. Looks like a fun ending to your weekend.... even tho it looks hot LOL

  6. I loved line dancing when I used to go. Lots of fun.


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