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Monday, June 30, 2014

Country Costume Party

As I mentioned earlier, we had our end-of-the-year dance class party this past Saturday night.  Our teacher not only teaches two levels of class through our local village activities association, but she also has her own school elsewhere in Nice.  They have frequent activities throughout the year, this is the first year our group has been invited to join them, so we got to be part of the party, too.  I thought you might like to see more of how the French are more American than we are.

We were invited to dress up in costumes; but as there were no suggestions given for a theme, and as we personally are not very creative, we didn't do anything.  But it was fun seeing what others came up with.  It seems like this group really gets involves with costumes, from what we've seen at previous parties.  This ladybug is part of our class but also attends classes at the school, while the bumblebee is only from the school and is apparently a very close friend, as they usually have complementary outfits.

Costume Party
Bumble Bee & Ladybug

Time Warp:  The Far West
For the most part, the costume ideas were based on the Far West, how the French refer to our Wild West.  There were a few Indian squaws, some well dressed gentlemen and ladies of the day,  and a few saloon barmaids. There were also some flappers and a few '50s outfits , or even just an American country look (which is costuming for them!).

I was just there having fun, being mostly lost as most of these people are way more advanced.  Check out our video of Pick a Bale of Cotton, which starts out reasonable and speeds up with each segment, ending up totally out of control!

Being French
Being American

Our DJ Teddy Bear
Hot Country Babes?
As always, our teacher's SO played DJ, our teacher really hammed it up for pictures, and the ladybug, one of the best in our class, added to the fun.

Here's the whole group, costumes and all, at the end of a fun evening.  Once again, the French not only know how to party, but they can party as American as anybody!

Country Crazy


  1. Wow what a great time and love the costumes!

  2. Très bizarre mais super. Looks like a fun time,


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