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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sapphire Blue: Church social hour

Yesterday we officially celebrated our 45th anniversary, the gem color being sapphire.  As I always have for special anniversary dates, I made my dress.  As I always have since our wedding color was my favorite color turquoise, my dress needed to include that color.  Blue and turquoise together, how much better does it get for a blue person!  As my dress was sleeveless, I made a little shrug jacket to go with it.  I think it all turned out rather classy.  I was always too timid to wear hats when I was younger; but if I can't be flamboyant now, when can I be?  So I got a matching hat, just like the Queen would do!

The two of us, in blue!

For us

We always have a social hour after church, and I wanted to share our anniversary with our friends there.  My good friend Ellie, who also decorates cakes Brit style, made a bunch of cupcakes for everybody in the appropriate color.  She put numbers from 1-45 on them.  What a clever idea for a group.  And the bright blue was really pretty.

Connect the dots

But what I really wanted to share was the nicest set of anniversary wishes done by Ellie's three little urchins, who apparently got into the spirit of things while Mommy was making cupcakes.  This first drawing is captioned by her seven-year-old son Ben, wishing us a happy 45 years (in French, of course).  It is drawn by five-year-old Jess.  She drew a heart, then she drew another one with numbers so we could connect the dots ourselves, then another one with lots of hearts.  So adorable.

Him, by Abby
Her, by Jess

These two represent each of us.  I am drawn by Jess, but Doc Leo is drawn by three-year old Abby.  I thought the efforts were just so touching, I wanted to publicly give them credit.

Now, wasn't that just a really special way to kick off the whole special day?


  1. The connect-the-dots card was a brilliant idea for a 5 yo. Good job, Jess!

    I do like the numbered cupcake idea. Simple and fun yet functional.


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