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Saturday, August 9, 2014

TTF - Lavender in bloom

Tripping Through France - Chapter 1

Lavender 1This is actually a follow-up to the earlier post on lavender fields, which were either buried under snow or just beginning to bud during the times we happened to be passing by.

Unfortunately, we did not go by our particular comparison field on this trip, so that complete story will still have to wait.  We don't often have an occasion to be in that area at the right time of year.

You can look in any book about Provence and find gorgeously enhanced photos of lavender taken at just the right time.  In my case, I just happened to be passing by at the right time, and before my camera decided to rebel, so my photos came out fairly nicely.  I thought I would show you how they look in reality.

Lavender 2
Little baby plants
Lavender 3
Grown up mature plants

Each lavender plant forms a little ball bush (or is shaped when trimmed), which spikes out like a porcupine when in flower.  Here is how they look when they are in the baby stage.  And then more mature bushes up close and personal.

Lavender 4
In full bloom
I used to be in awe of postcards with all these beautiful rows of bushes in their refined rows, as they never looked like much in real life the few times I was in any area to see them.  Either I was there too early, or I only went past unkempt fields with lots of dead bushes and weeds, or they had already been harvested and didn't look like much.  Thus, I feel pretty pleased with myself for being in the right place at the right time and with the right eye (and as yet unbroken equipment) to capture this shot myself (without overly enhancing it like all the manipulated internet ones)!  Yes, they really can look like what's in the picture books.

Lavender 5
On the side of the road
I'm sure  lavender is grown in many parts of the world, although the French fields, which aren't growing what's called French lavender, are fairly well known world-wide.  And I doubt this particular setting is what's typically found elsewhere.

Lavender 6
Lavender oil for sale
Lavender 7
Seasonal roadside stand

While most of these crops are probably for large-scale commercial sale, enterprising vendors have put up little stands here and there to hopefully catch the passing tourist.  I've been guilty myself of buying gift sachets when passing through while I still lived in Paris.  Do I make my own gift (or personal) sachets now that I grow my own clumps all over my property?  Hazard a little guess.

One day I'll actually get back to my same little seasonal spot at the right time; but for now, that will have to wait for another year.  Meanwhile, hang in there to see more natural beauty France has to offer.

Remember, you can always tap a smaller picture to get an enlarged view.


  1. These pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one with the large house in the background. Really good photo composition. Not one of my best photo things as I see pictures later with stuff I just didn't see when taking the picture and certainly didn't want! I'm getting better with the digital camera as you can see what it looked like and try again. Take a lot of phone pictures and those, being so very quick, frequently are spoiled by something I didn't see. Your pictures are always excellent.

    1. Why, thank you! Having traveled around on my own for so many years taking pictures, I've made a point of studying good composition. I'm disappointed when I see others who captured something much better, sorry I didn't see it myself.

      That actually is a typical pretty Provençal church in the background, not a house. I have seen houses in the middle of fields in pictures, but I didn't come across any myself. Glad you liked it, I took it expressly for your benefit!


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