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Monday, August 25, 2014

Classy babes

Babes 01

Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  (To quote a certain Stevie Wonder.)  We got her in May 2007, the week before Doc Leo came down with a problem in his neck that put him in the hospital for six months.  At first, we wondered if trying to get her out of the car is what did him in.  (It wasn't.)

At the time, we were spending a lot of time in Italy, the Doc had a lot of jobs in Rome and it was easier to drive than fly, so we were checking out all statue places we came across, as that was a theme we wanted for our property.  One time, we found this place that supplies the whole world.  Not only did they have good prices, but we could also provide our own transportation, so we did.

Babes 02

Waiting to move into the new home

At the time, I was in the process of developing the top level of our property (we have around six), and I'd tried to fix up the hillside right behind our house.  I imaged a statue or two to pretend I had a bit of elegance on this very rugged property.  We were thrilled to find this particular large statue place that had a great variety.

Babes 03
Getting started

This one we call the Dreamer.  I wanted to get her a sister; we ended up getting her two of them.  We refer to the collection as the Babes ( les nanas in French).  We had to leave all of them down by the car when the Doc became incapacitated. 

Then I had my Fourth of July barbecue.  The Doc went into the hospital unexpectedly the week before, but I carried on without him so as not to disappoint our guests.  But I made them work.  Not only did they help me put up the tent, I got a few strong men to help carry the Babes up three levels to the ledge I'd created for them.  It was months before the Doc ever got to see them in place.

Babes 04
Up one flight of steps
Babes 06
Set her in place
Babes 05
Up the last flight

Babes 07
We can be babes, too!
Babes 08
All dressed up for the party

Boys being boys, they had a bit of fun after the huge bit of very heavy work.

They also decided to decorate her up a bit so she could be festive, too.

Here they all are in place, and they did in fact add as much class as I'd hoped for.

Babes 10
The three babes filling in a wide space

Babes 11
Wow, aren't the Babes amazing?

Not only did we love the Babes, but everybody who visits us seems to like them, too, so I guess we have good taste.  You can see that putting them in place was a big hit with many of our guests. 

Of course, as most of them were French, they enjoy our Fourth barbecue anyway, as it's not part of their own culture.

It was kind of sad that Doc Leo was so completely missing, but they all gave him a big toast to let him know they were thinking of him.  Several guests visited him either before and after the party, so he wasn't completely left out!

Babes 13
Here's to you, Friend, get well soon!
Babes 14
Wired up and paralyzed in ICU

Babes 12


When we built our house extension, they were almost hidden behind it.  Not a good plan.  So we created a new home for them, with them specifically in mind.  It turned out wonderful.  We were very happy.

The story continues, so stay tuned for what came next.

(More clowning around, I have no idea why they put a bag over her head, and from a British store, at that!) 

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  1. Aren't you glad he has totally recovered from that! The Babes are fun!


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