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Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8

Three-day-old parents and infant

Today's date has been important in our family for 42 years.  It has been important on the world stage for 69 years.  I was not aware of the world stage 42 years ago; the only significance of the date was the birth of our first child, our oldest daughter.

It was not until we moved to France that I learned a major date in history.  We left our daughter behind, as she was starting FSU at the same time we started our new life in another country.  So there was an empty spot in our home.  However, the French are quite fond of the date, and we saw it everywhere!

France in celebration

May 8 marks VE Day, the official end of the European theater of WWII.  As France is in Europe, and as the end of the war was rather an important event for them, they honor this date all over the country by naming town squares of all sizes after it.  Not to mention that it is an important holiday, so most people get off work.

All over the country
So while we missed our daughter, nobody in our family (or most of the country) had to go to work or school on her birthday, and we were reminded of her consistently whenever we traveled throughout the countryside.

Thus, now I would like to give a big shout-out to my big girl on the other side of the Pond:


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  1. Thank you! I did have a nice birthday. I was actually working for the majority of it, but then some friends from work took me out for a drink afterwards. The downtime was much needed and long overdue, I didn't have to write a bunch of reports when I got home, so I cleaned out the kitchen and rediscovered the countertops I knew were hidden down there somewhere. :) I know that's not everyone's idea of a great birthday, but the kitchen is the one place in the house that I really can't stand to have dirty and cluttered, and it had been that way for far too long, depressing me every day when I didn't have time to do something about it, so it was a wonderful gift to myself! The large pot of flowers on the front porch, actually growing instead of dying like most plants do at my house, was also cheer-inducing.


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