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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A whole year of existence

Today is the first birthday of our second grandson. In a way, it feels like our first, as the first one was 19 years old when he became a cousin on our side of the family.  Given that his father was absolutely gorgeous as a baby, and given that his mother is adorable as an adult, how can we help but think that Diggle isn't just the cutest thing on the planet at this moment.  I wish he weren't so far away.

I'm so cute!  I'm so funny!

He's also his father's child in loving to unload adult storage.  Maybe all little ones do that, but I don't have memories of my two girls engaging in such activity.  On the other hand, their little brother made a constant game of it.

This is so much fun!

 Revenge is sweet! 


It's the only one you'll have!  (First, that is.)


  1. He's going to be a little heart breaker =)

  2. He is a cutie. When was the picture taken? Were they there for his birthday? I know they weren't there FOR his birthday, but maybe they were there at approximately the same time as his birthday. He looks so much older than Caleb, who will be a year old on May 28. Caleb isn't walking yet, although I understand that he is close.

  3. I love the "Me? No, I'm not doing anything!" look on his face.

  4. He is SO cute!! I hope you get to see him often!!


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