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Friday, April 25, 2014

Welcome to my world

Hello, I'm so glad to have you on board as I jump on the blogging bandwagon with this initial post .  This is my first attempt to join this particular world of communication, and it's going to involve a very steep learning curve to achieve what I envision with no clue of just how to go about it.

My motivation for this endeavor is two-fold:

First, my personal life does not lend itself to keeping up with modern cyberspace technology, and I have a terrible fear of letting life just pass me by.  As a secretary by training, I know how to type and format documents on a typewriter!  I now have taught myself how to do a number of things on my computer, but putting something out there for the whole world to see is quite intimidating.  But as everybody else seems to manage just fine, I'm confident I can make as much progress dealing with a website as I have formatting my emails like I want.  Just getting this far has been a definite challenge, however.

Second, for some reason, many people in my world seem to be interested in what I consider my mundane life.  I do admit that living where I do has given me experiences and opportunities I never had in my previous life, and possibly nothing is more exotic than somebody else's world.

As my posts develop about the various aspects people claim to find interesting, fulfilling my second goal, I'm expecting my knowledge about how to publish those subjects to expand,  achieving my first goal.

So thank you for visiting me, and I look forward to building some wonderful new relationships.   


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging LOL. Love your background

  2. Barb, I am so proud of you. I showed you just a bit, and you have gone above and beyond the teacher =). I'm going to put you in my blog reader, so each time you update, I'll be notified. Looking forward to this new outlet for you. I'm praying this will be a blessing to you and to many others. Love Lindsey

  3. Hey sis!! This is a step in the right direction!! Still gonna pressure you to go onto Facebook.

    1. You'll have to keep waiting, lol. This was enough learning and opening up my soul for the time being!

  4. BBB! Bravo Brave Barbara! This is very exciting... I think you'll really enjoy blogging! You were already doing it, in a sense, when you were sending emails to your family and friends with pictures and comments on events or special activities in your life! You're a "Natural Blogger" besides being the "Alpine Queen". Good night to you and Doc Leo!

  5. Looking forward to your blogs!

  6. Hi Barbara. It was nice seeing you last June for the church's 20th anniversary. I look forward to reading you and hearing more news from Nice!


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