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Monday, December 12, 2016

Teatime caring and sharing

Teatime caring 1This weekend, our church held its fourth annual Christmas Tea.  It was a lovely occasion for our ladies to gather together along with their friends and neighbors for a cheerful seasonal afternoon of tea and home baked goodies, hear uplifting talks on the true meaning of Christmas, and then end up with a surprise from the gift exchange.

It's kind of fun to look back and see how the decorations change each year, as well as see who came each time.  This is how it all looked this year.

Teatime caring 2
Lovely ladies with lovely teapots

As this was an official tea, of course tea was the primary beverage.  Teapots from all over were loaned for the event, and the variety was quite impressive. 

Teatime caring 3
Preparing the goodies

Our preparation ladies shown here are quite international, coming from Martinique, Poland, and Italy, and of course the photographer is American.

Many wonderful desserts were brought by some very good bakers, but some needed to be cut into serving sizes and arranged nicely on serving dishes.

Teatime caring 4
Oh, the temptation!
Teatime caring 5
Making initial choices
Isn't this a lovely presentation?  It definitely attracted a lot of attention from this hungry group.

Teatime caring 6
Friends having a lovely time
Teatime caring 7
Animated conversation

Teatime caring 8
Enjoying the fellowship
Teatime caring 9
More animated conversation

Teatime caring 10
The guys playing with their toys
Teatime caring 11
Welcoming the ladies

While the ladies were thoroughly enjoying themselves, the only men allowed were busy handling the technical aspects. 

As usual, Doc Leo hand-picked suitable Christmas music from our own vast collection.

Then, Nancy, our pastor's wife, led the group into the scheduled program.  First up, a group of German girls singing in both French and German.

Teatime caring 12
German girls singing a German song in French
Teatime caring 13
The ladies enjoying the music

Teatime caring 14
A few words of joy
Teatime caring 15
Giving the Christmas story
Also on the program were two of our ladies presenting their personal outlooks on the Christmas message, blessing all who were there.

In between, the girls sang a few more songs.

Teatime caring 16
Our pretty Nativity creche
Teatime caring 17
A basket of gifts

As the typical Nativity scene includes the Wise Men bringing gifts, our ladies also brought gifts to share. 

It was a lot of fun watching them pick over the pretty packaging to find one they liked, then to see the imaginative ideas the givers had come up with.

Teatime caring 18
Choices, choices, choices
Teatime caring 19
Enjoying the moment

Teatime caring 20
Helping a guest choose
Teatime caring 21
What did I get?

Teatime caring 22
Our beautiful book lady
Teatime caring 23
Making a sale?

We also had a book table for those looking for gifts to buy. 

Lots of children's books and calendars for the coming year, always a welcomed present.

Teatime caring 24
Playtime is over
Teatime caring 25
Time to clean up

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so did the Tea.  After all the work of setting up and then enjoying the event, now it was time to put it all away. 

Even one of our guests got into washing up all the dishes.

Teatime caring 26
Taking apart the last of the table settings
Teatime caring 27
Carrying the heavy boards

Then the tables all had to be taken apart and moved into the storage area. 

Not only did the men get put to work, but some of the younger women also got into the act of carrying the large planks.

Teatime caring 28
Gently cleaning the crumbs
Teatime caring 29
Attacking them with aggressive effort

Once the room was emptied of social activity, several women, including a guest, vacuumed all the crumbs from the carpet.

Teatime caring 30
Exact spacing!
Teatime caring 31
Work can still be fun
Once the room was clean again, it needed to be set back up for the regular church service.  Doc Leo even used the magic stick to space the chairs appropriately. 

Meanwhile, a couple of women took one last opportunity to chat while they were cleaning the rest of the church.  (You can see some of my own efforts in the decorations around the rooms.)

Teatime caring 32
Such a lovely couple
Teatime caring 33
Hanging from the heights

While everybody else then went home to relax, the Doc and I still had our Chorale Christmas Concert to perform in! 

We came dressed for the concert, so we took advantage of the pretty tree to make a family portrait.

Now I will leave you with another pretty view right in the entrance.  I love the ambiance of Christmas ! 


  1. Your family may be far away but you are part of a great community.

  2. What with the holidays and all,I've gotten a little behind with your entries here,dear Alpine Queen. This looks like such a lovely event and you guys look spectacular in your concert garb. Things like this are so nice to attend and so nice to hear about.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog!! Miss hanging out with you.

  4. Better late than never! At least I am commenting. It looks like a lovely way to celebrate the holiday. And you both looks lovely in your red and black outfits.


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