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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A never-ending wardrobe collection

Endless Circle 01Once again, I just participated in another sewing contest.  While this one was also a multi-garment contest (usually there's only one item to be made during a month period), it was much tamer than the last Wardrobe Contest.  Instead of a set number of ten items, this one only required four, but you could do as many as you wanted after that.  The only requirement was that the second item had to go with the first, the third had to go with the second, etc.

Well, I got carried away, and I did a completely endless set of nine items!  So I thought I would share the process.

Endless Circle 02
The original fabric set
Endless Circle 03
The intended pattern

Last winter I got some fun fabric to make an outfit from, but it wasn't anything I was needing.  When I looked over the contest list for this year, nothing stood out as being applicable. 

So I was just going to make it sometime during the year whenever I was bored.  (That's going to happen around here, right?) 

Suddenly, I realized this outfit would qualify for three of the four items in this contest.  Okay, here we go!

When I looked for a fourth item to carry on, I actually found a fifth one I've been planning whenever I got around to it.  Then I realized that some fabric planned for a different project would also work to carry this on, so it got added.

Endless Circle 04
All the finished individual items

Then I realized that if I had just one more thing, which was something I wanted eventually anyway, I could make a completely endless circle; thus, my plan was all set.

So here are all my individual items making their circle of continuation.  It was an interesting process from conception to realization, and now I've got a number of fun new things to wear!

If you are interested in seeing my story in more detail, feel free to check out my contest entry.

To show you how it all works together, I've compiled the combinations in sequence.  I was rather amazed to realize I also had three complete sets within the whole!  You can easily follow the last one back up to the top one to make the circle.

Endless Circle 05 Endless Circle 06 Endless Circle 07
Maroon skirt to coral blouse ... ... to the fun jacket ... ... to the turquoise skirt ...

Endless Circle 08[6] Endless Circle 09[10] Endless Circle 10[6]
... to the flowered blouse ... ... to the vest ... ... to the matching skirt ...

Endless Circle 11 Endless Circle 12 Endless Circle 13
... to the T-shirt ... ... adding the cardigan ... ... then back to the maroon skirt!

Endless Circle 14
Cute spring ensemble

And now we wait for the voting to begin.  Will anybody like my collection enough to vote for it?  Only time will tell.  But I'm pretty pleased with this whole unplanned addition to my dressing enjoyment.

It covers casual to dressy and spring to fall, plus I already have pieces not in the contest that will match a number of these items, thus expanding my wardrobe even more!

I'll leave you with one really pretty spring look I recently wore to a conference.  I apparently have not worn this color scheme for a long time, so I felt very springtime with our cool weather this year.


  1. After seeing the fun jacket up close, that's my favorite! It's gorgeous Barb. Such incredible craftsmanship!

  2. I liked everything and voted for you. Hope you win! You do such beautiful work. Nice to see!


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