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Sunday, November 15, 2015

France in mourning

Mourning 01As a global resident for many decades, I care about what happens to my fellow inhabitants of this planet.  As a resident of France for over 25 years, I care what happens in my adopted country.  As a resident of greater Paris for 13 years, I have a specific sentiment for the life that continues there, which includes family and close friends. 

While anybody local from my world is all safe and sound, the events that unfolded over the weekend took place in areas that were quite familiar to me, areas that we passed through all the time.  In fact, the only concert I ever got to took place in the Bataclan. 

I would just like to share with you tributes from all the over the world that I came across, expressing global solidarity against atrocity towards totally innocent victims.

Mourning 02
Paris, France
Mourning 03
One World Trade Center, NY

It must have been really weird to see the beloved Eiffel Tower go dark during a normally brightly lighted time of evening.  A dark moment for all of France. 

Meanwhile, New York City lighted up in French colors at the same place it suffered its own atrocious acts of violence.

Mourning 04
Washington Square Park, NY
Mourning 05
Washington, DC

There were also numerous other cities in the US and Canada expressing their tribute to France either with public lighting displays or collections of candles and flowers.

Mourning 06
San Francisco, California

Mourning 07
Toronto, Canada

Mourning 08
Sydney Town Hall
Mourning 09
Sydney Opera House
Elsewhere in the New World, Sydney, Australia, had several very pretty displays of solidarity for France.

I wonder how they got these colors programmed so quickly!

Mourning 10
Trafalgar Square, London
Mourning 11
London Eye

France and England have had a love/hate relationship for centuries.  It's in their blood on both sides to detest each other, still obvious today. 

However, when necessary, the two countries become close allies.

Mourning 12
Mourning 13
Hong Kong

It was interesting to see the displays of tribute all the way on the other side of the world in Asia. 

Sympathy against atrocities and violence are not limited to just one type of culture.

I didn't even know this needle existed, but I think it's beautiful.

Mourning 14
French expats in Seoul, Korea
Mourning 15
Tokyo, Japan

Many of the tributes were laid at the various French embassies around the world. 

However, French expats also gathered together in solidary for their country.

Mourning 16
Tel Aviv, Israel
Mourning 17
Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

The Middle East also expressed their solidarity with France.

Israelis gathered in several areas.

Mourning 18
Giza pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

There were also displays of unity in Egypt and Iran, despite a lot of the political unrest between the two areas. 

Human nature outweighs politics eventually.

Mourning 19
Tehran, Iran
Mourning 21
French Embassy, Iran
Mourning 20

All around the European Continent, various displays contributed to the solidarity for a fellow member state.  These are some of the ones that caught my attention.

Mourning 22
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Mourning 24
Brussels, Belgium
Mourning 23
Prague, Czech Republic

Mourning 25
French Embassy, Lithuania
Mourning 27
Rome, Italy
Mourning 26
Lisbon, Portugal

Mourning 28
Bratislava, Slovakia
Mourning 30
Vilnius, Lithuania
Mourning 29
French Embassy, Madrid

Mourning 31
Ericsson Globe, Stockholm
Mourning 33
Mourning 32

Mourning 34
The French colors
Mourning 35
We are not afraid!

Of course, the French themselves have come out in droves to support their fellow countrymen, as well as pay tribute to those from elsewhere who perished on French soil. 

Mourning 36
Bleu blanc rouge from Poland
I hope you've enjoyed this little presentation of the outpouring of support for the country I now call home.  Whatever one's political point of view might be, this type of violence is just not how the world needs to resolve its differences. 

It is very comforting to see how real people from the four corners of the earth can manage to come together in support for each other in times like these.

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  1. I saw some of these but not all of them. This is a beautiful compilation. There's some lovely architecture in there as well as the solidarity component.


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