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Friday, March 20, 2015

Total Eclipse -- Not Quite!

EclipseOur area was supposed to get 62%.  I managed this shot two minutes after maximum.  We actually saw it at maximum time, despite the overcast weather, by looking through two CDs together.

But I couldn't get the camera to focus when I put the lens up to them.  I finally managed to hold the CDs far enough away from me so the camera would focus on them and kept it all steady enough it's not all fuzzy! 


We went out of town to where it was supposed to be total back when Paris had an almost total back in 1999.  While it was clear in Paris but not total, it was completely overcast where we were, and we totally missed it.  But not the darkness!  That was really weird. 

Even at 62% and gray today, it still darkened down some.  It was definitely brighter 20 minutes later.  I'm so sorry most of you were snug as a rug in your beds and missed it all!  We thought we were going to miss it, too, or not figure out how to see it ourselves.

Nature and modern technology make some aspects of life quite fun!


  1. Finally, a moment to get caught up and I am starting with your blog, but in backwards chronological order. I think your picture of the eclipse is wonderful, considering you're basically amateurs in astrological photography. Good on you to witness and capture the eclipse.

  2. That is a great photo!!


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