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Monday, September 22, 2014

The sweetwater town

Dolceaqua 01

As I proposed in my last Rock Village post where we passed through Dolceacqua but didn't stop in, I've compiled a few old pictures of past visits.  While the quality of photos isn't terrific (my old camera wasn't as capable as I could have wished for in the harsh conditions all the shadows provided), putting these together brought back so many memories of the visits we've had.  And taking everybody to this town was a top priority!

Dolceaqua 02
Dolceacqua in stone art
In front of the church, someone has designed the town in pebble mosaic.  That seems to be an art style all over the area.  Maybe I can figure out how to get a better angle on a future visit, but you should be able to pick out the bridge and old town and castle.

Dolceaqua 03
Alex contemplating the river
Our first grandson, Alex, came to stay with us for a bit exactly half his life ago, meaning he was ten when he enjoyed the Old Bridge.

Dolceaqua 04
Alpine Queen at Doria Castle
Someone grabbed a shot of me on the bridge with the castle behind on the same visit, which was ten years ago now.  My, how time flies.  It seems like just yesterday!

On a more recent visit, we have Doc Leo in deep discussion with our son at the entrance to the old town.  Also ten years ago, on two different trips, we have each of our two girls.  As they don't live in the Old World, these visits are real treats.

Dolceaqua 05
Father and son
Dolceaqua 07
Shall we climb?
Dolceaqua 06
Admiring the garden

Dolceaqua 08
In the suburbs with open sky
I have been so blessed with all the different experiences I've had, and I've been even more blessed to have shared so many of them with my kids.  (I need to peruse my old photos with my family more often.)  We now have two more family members who are missing from the scene; hopefully we can rectify that in the near future.  It would be so fun to capture Diggle traipsing all over these streets, and maybe his mama will let us recreate the bridge picture we have with Alex!

This is not necessarily the prettiest of the villages we visited, but it might have the most character.  Either my cameras haven't been good enough, or the lighting conditions whenever I was there were horrible, or I'm just not very capable, but I've never been able to capture this town like I would like.  I hope what I am showing you gives an adequate representation.  Just try to imagine what it must be like to live in such a place, as has been done for about 1,000 years.  Imagine all the different clothing styles these walls have seen!

Dolceaqua 09
A pretty view to come home to
Dolceaqua 10
I've got my laundry done, where's yours?

I don't have any information about any of these homes, they are all just typical dwellings. 

I can't imagine the life can be very easy living here, but it's definitely a picturesque neighborhood! 


Dolceaqua 11
Long narrow streets
Dolceaqua 15
The daily climb
Dolceaqua 12
Not such a lot of sun

Dolceaqua 14
Lots of levels
Dolceaqua 16
Seems a bit sinister looking before electric lighting!

Dolceaqua 13
Alex with a tricycle truck

As you can see, Alex came across one of the tricycle trucks and found it rather cool. 

But then, this deprived little American kid has also enjoyed Lisbon, Spain, Andorra, Paris, Pisa ...  He had a front row seat in front of the Eiffel Tower for the 2000 celebrations.  Poor guy.

And now, we've finished our little trip across the border.  I hope you've been able to place yourselves there, too, and managed to learn a little about a part of the world you may have never been to nor ever will. 

Unless, of course, you come visit me, as it's all just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our home.

Dolceaqua 17
Dolceacqua by night.  Good night and goodbye.


  1. I really enjoying your traipsing about. You certainly make the most of every experience.

  2. I really enjoyed our visit to the village when we went with you in 2010!

  3. This was wonderful! Especially the older photos... I'm so happy for you guys that you got to do this. I've certainly enjoyed it!

  4. Those tricycle trucks were quite a hit. We joked about them for a long time. Now we see tricycle motorcycles on the roads here, and we don't find them nearly as funny. They look stupid. :)


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